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Ontario Trillium Foundation
Shorter-Term CB Programs

The Friends and Allies Workshop for Grades 1 through 8

  • An interactive half-day workshop that uses role-playing, music, games and drama to explore the diverse community of the classroom, the various forms of oppression, effective listening skills, the role of the ally and much more!
  • The workshop can be tailored to suit the age group.

  Boys and Girls in a Box Workshop for Grades 5 through 8

  • An interactive half-day workshop that uses group work, story-sharing and powerful visualization exercises to help girls and boys explore how gender stereotyping keeps them from working together
    Girls and boys learn how to listen to each other and to stand up as allies for the other gender - at a crucial time in their development
  • The workshop also explores the ways in which gender stereotypes ("boys should be tough", "girls should look pretty") get internalized and keep everyone from reaching their full potential

  The Cool Trap for Grades 5 through 8

  • A half-day program focusing on how we can get trapped and limited by the concept of "cool" and by peer pressure.
  • Students are guided to explore why it is hard to show caring to other people, to stand up against racism, sexism and classism when they are afraid that they won't be considered "cool."

  Parent Workshops

  • An introduction to our youth leadership program for Parent Council members and other interested parents.
  • Key CB concepts and principles are presented in an engaging participatory format.

  Teacher Trainings

  • These half day and full day trainings introduce teachers to key Community Builders concepts for versatile classroom use
  • Teachers experience training models such as the Steps of Being an Ally, the Community Builders Mediation Model, and Peer Listening/Peer Support that provide useful skills and understandings for building a peaceful classroom
  • These workshops are also delivered yearly at the Ontario Institute of Education/University of Toronto "Safe Schools" and "Teacher Activism" conferences