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What Parents Are Saying
"[The Community Builders program] is a more energetic approach to bullying and other issues kids face at school."
(Yenny Varela, Parent, Stilecroft School, Toronto)

Because of this program, my son has come out of his shell. He told me: "I learned to be myself at Community Builders." You took all the kids in the Institute as equal; you didn't pick favourites, you respected them the same. You were patient with them and had fun times and also serious times. Other parents need to know what this really is - how good it is.

I don't see as much bullying and people at the office now. I think Community Builders has had an effect. The Community Builders students are working in the yard; they're watching what goes on out there and stepping in. I'm using the skills I learned at Community Builders in the primary yard when I'm supervising - I try to find out how children are feeling and get them to empathize with others.
 (Karen Gagnon, Parent of a Community Builders student leader and Lunchroom/Yard Monitor, Sacred Heart Catholic School, Espanola)

The program teaches kids a lot of sophisticated concepts.  I'm impressed with the modeling the facilitators give us adults on how to really include kids in decision-making.  It's a real eye-opener.
(Fiona Connelly, Parent, Duke of Connaught School, Toronto)