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What Educators are Saying
"This approach goes beyond what other programs teach; in Community Builders students find out that people act out of their pain. The program empowers them with this - more than any other program."
(Guidance Counsellor, Jane Finch school, Toronto) 
In every community there are many stresses that pull us apart. I don't know of any other program [other than Community Builders] that focuses on bringing people together. The teachers support this program because they realize you can't accomplish it through regular curriculum. The kids are doing fantastic presentations in classrooms; they are creating an atmosphere that is embraced by the other kids. My gut feeling is that the decrease in incident reports in my office is related to having the Community Builders program in place.
(Dave Parkes, Vice Principal AB Ellis, Espanola and Webbwood Public Schools)

The program makes teachers more aware of the children's lives - their culture and needs, not just academic curriculum. I think that if more student leaders were involved it would be a good thing, especially in our school. The Special Ed kids look up to the Community Builders leaders who now help them feel more included. My own relationship to the children has improved. I'm more relaxed with them and think of how they may be feeling at any given time.
(Margaret Gilmore, Teacher, Lamberton School, Toronto)

Kids are taking ownership of [addressing] bullying….Teachers are more aware of the problems and challenges that do occur in the lives of the children. They are amazed at the CB leaders. They didn't think they would be able to do it and are in awe. … the CB leaders were well-prepared and organized. The teachers thought the leaders were very interesting and can't wait for them to come back [into their classrooms]."
(Dina Pettiti, Teacher, Blacksmith School, Toronto)

I've been watching the group's presentation skills. They went from looking down and reading to now looking at the target group - for many it's hard, but they took a risk. The spirit of leadership is growing."
(Conrad Toulouse, Teacher, Beedaban School, Sakamok Reserve)

We're so glad to have this program to develop the students' leadership potential. Residential schools have left people dependent. These students who are being trained as leaders take more initiative, they greet you more openly and their self-esteem is building. The other students see that and there's more permission to do it themselves.
(Pauline Giroux-Lamontagne, Principal, Beedaban School, Sakamok Reserve)

Community Builders has impacted me professionally. I incorporate the things I learned at the Institute with all the children I work with [in Special Education] - for example, the image you gave us of the Cool Trap [trying to stay cool is like being in a trap]. It's automatic pilot in my language now.
(Kathy Carre, Teacher, Sacred Heart Catholic School, Espanola)