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Youth2Youth: A Message from our Youth Advisory Council

All of us here at Community Builders are thinking about you and hope you are healthy and safe. 

Our Youth Advisory Council, a group of elementary school youth leaders from across Ontario, created this video to speak to other Ontario youth and send their support during these interesting and challenging times.
Let them know how you enjoyed the video and share the ways you are connecting with your peers and being allies to each other.  You can share your thoughts by submitting a comment below!
Youth2Youth Friends and Allies Video #1

Youth2Youth Friends and Allies Video #1

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Share your thoughts!


You can submit your comments here.  We will post some of the comments here on this page. If we post your comment, we will not share your name or school.  We will share your first initial and the region of your school. If you don't want your comment shared, or your initial shared, let us know.  Either way, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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