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Our Programs

Community Builders builds the leadership capacity of young people in elementary schools.  We train students, teachers and parents in anti-bullying, social inclusion, equity and conflict resolution, while raising their awareness of racism, sexism, classism, and other forms of oppression. Learn more about our key themes and unique approach.

Our programs give young people the understanding and skills to train their peers and to intervene as allies when people are being mistreated or bullied.  We also offer training and support to teachers, parents and administrators.  Through skills development and consultation, we guide and support school communities towards making lasting sustainable changes in their school culture, creating more caring and inclusive learning environments.

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Workshops and Trainings


Interactive half and full day workshops for students, educators and parents, covering topics from understanding the heart of the child to effective listening and how to be an ally.

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Cross-Generational Dialogues

Unique dialogues that bring together students and adults to discuss the roots of bullying and conflict, and how to address these problems on a community-wide level.

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Youth Leadership Institutes & Symposia

Intensive leadership trainings that gather youth and adults from neighbouring schools together for joint leadership training. Trainings can be customized to be 1-4 days or offered over several years.

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