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Cross-Generational Dialogues

Community Builders has developed an innovative and exciting new model, Cross-generational Dialogues, for helping to create inclusive school communities. Dialogues bring community members of different ages together to discuss social issues, and to learn practical leadership skills to address them on a community-wide level.


The Dialogues are designed for elementary students ages 9 and older, secondary students, parents and grandparents, educators and other community members.  The participation of youth leaders also tends to draw out their family members, and helps boost attendance.


This interactive, engaging program consists of in-depth discussion from different age perspectives of social issues, bullying and oppression dynamics like racism and exclusion in our communities. It includes skill practice for intervening effectively in tough situations.

Young people and adults are all concerned about these issues but they don’t often have a chance to gather together to discuss them. When young people feel that their experience and their voices matter, and when they are treated as partners in creating safe and inclusive communities, it raises their confidence and empowers them to take positive leadership with their peers. When adults have a chance to hear from young people and bring their own concerns, it helps them feel more hopeful about tackling challenging social problems.

What are people saying about Community Builders Cross-generational Dialogues?


“It was fantastic as a principal to walk into the Cross-generational Dialogue and see the engagement and motivation of parents and students. You created an atmosphere that was free from risk. Some of the students that we wouldn’t usually hear from due to shyness or lack of self-confidence were confidently leading the parents.”

- David Ragoonath, Principal, George B. Little Public School


“I appreciate how each of you gave each of us a voice to be heard.”

- Parent, Africentric Alternative School

In addition to being part of our multi-year leadership programs, the Dialogues are also available as fee for service programs.  Contact us to discuss fees and other details for bringing the programs to your school or community.

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