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Workshops and Trainings

The following offerings are available as fee for service programs.  Contact us to discuss fees and other details for bringing the programs to your school or community. 

Classroom Workshops for Students

These are fun, effective and interactive half-day, full-day and multi-day workshops that can be tailored to elementary or high school classes. Specific workshops include:

  • Friends and Allies: Explores the diverse community of the classroom, the various forms of oppression, effective listening skills, the role of the ally and much more!

  • Gender Boxes: Uses group work, story-sharing and powerful visualization exercises to help students explore how gender stereotyping limits and divides people. 

  • The Cool Trap: Explores how we can get trapped and limited by the concept of "cool" and by peer pressure.

Friends and Allies Assemblies 

For primary grades, these assemblies use music and skits to teach students how to be allies. Student leaders can be trained to help run these assemblies.

Teacher Trainings

These half to full-day team-building trainings introduce Community Builders leadership skills and concepts for versatile classroom use.


Teachers experience training models such as the Steps of Being an Ally, the Community Builders Mediation Model, and Peer Listening/Peer Support that provide useful skills and understandings for building a peaceful classroom.

Parent and School Council Workshops

Single evening or day-long sessions or series of trainings which help parents work as a team to build a strong and healthy school community.​Key Community Builders concepts and principles are presented in an engaging participatory format.

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