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Our Impact

Evaluations show that Community Builders programs are highly effective.


In a recent Leadership Symposium event attended by 95 elementary student leaders, parents and teachers in Scarborough:

  • 100% of the students and 100% of the adults returning evaluation surveys reported that they were more committed to helping create positive change in their communities.

  • In focus groups, 100% of the students said that they had taken action to include and stand up for people as a result of the Community Builders project.

  • 100% of the students said that they wanted to continue developing their skills as a community leader.

  • 95% of eleven principals and teachers interviewed reported that they had noticed or heard that some of the students in this project had taken action and used their Community Builders skills to include or stand up for people.

Hear what students, educators and parents have to say about our programs!

I find their [Community Builders’] mandate to be genuine, relevant and purposeful. The team always deliver the challenging messages with such dignity and empathy that everyone benefits and leaves better than they came. It is always a pleasure to have their leadership and support impact our learning space.

Joan Lattie, Principal

Lamberton Public School, Jane Finch neighbourhood, Toronto

There is a lot of racism that goes around in our world. I see a lot of kids getting teased because of their colour or culture. In Community Builders I’ve learned how to help resolve these problems. I feel I can take action and help those people who got teased. I have been in the situation of my culture being teased and I believe that I can now make a difference.

Student Leader

Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation

I have found the cross-generational programs they [Community Builders] have run to be a truly inspiring experience, where I have seen 10 and 11-year-olds leading deep discussions and providing insights into the often unheard perspective on equity issues.

Eckleton Richards, Principal

Guildwood Public School, Scarborough

We’re all noticing things more, not just sitting there and letting things happen.

Student Leader

Eastview Public School, Scarborough

I have witnessed the enthusiasm of parents that have been involved in Community Builders Cross-generational programs. The initiative they take, and their confidence that they can be important partners with the schools, is the sort of involvement that we are encouraging in our schools.

Audley Salmon, Superintendent of Schools

Toronto District School Board

While schools do bring in [prominent adults] to talk about social issues, these presentations often lack interactivity and practicality. What CB offers is an opportunity to practice empathy by listening in order to understand other perspectives, in a practical workshop.

Jennifer MacDonald, Parent Leader

George B Little Public School, Scarborough

It’s good to combine all our information and how people react to different things. For example, maybe some people are good at listening but not necessarily communicating, so we exchange information on how we can listen and communicate.  If a different school has a different skill, then they can exchange information about that.  If we come together to talk about what we’ve been seeing, then we can solve it on a bigger scale.

Student Leader

Joseph Brant Public School, Scarborough

I think the impact in the schools in our community is huge, giving us tools to solve day-to-day life-related situations.

Virgilia Groza, Parent Leader

Joseph Brant Public School, Scarborough

We learned a lot from two days of learning how to be a leader at the Symposium.  Doing the skits taught us how people are thinking when they’re being bullies, and how to address the problem.

Student Leader

Eastview Public School, Scarborough

I saw a change in my son [from attending Community Builders]. He was involved, in control, and felt empowered. The issues Community Builders raises are relatable for everyone – newcomers and people who have been in Canada for years.

Vanessa Nguyen, Parent Leader

Stilecroft Public School, Jane Finch neighbourhood, Toronto

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